L Ed Photographs

Botanical Art – Heirloom Bulb Art Collection

In 2010 Loela was commissioned to do the illustrations for a new book “Heirloom Bulbs for Today” by Chris Wiesinger and Cherie Colburn – both also Aggies like Loela. Loela created a collection of 43 exquisitely detailed drawings (original size 24" x 18") of the 23 different 'Southern Heirloom Bulbs' referencing hundreds of botanical photographs that Johan took especially for the project.

Each 'Lady' - as Loela calls them - made their appearance at the JoLoè Art Barn in a very special way... Their intimate style, character and personality have been captured to the finest detail as these 'Ladies': some moody, others so sweet, those with attitudes and some just gems, would dance and twirl onto paper...and later also onto fashions that makes ladies young and old blossom.

This extensive collection have been written about in the Houston Chronicle, 360 West Magazine, reviewed extensively in various publications and other media, and presented in part in PBS Central Texas Garden Program. It is the artists’ wish to see the Complete Original Collection find and educational and extraordinary haven like an arboretum, botanical garden or other public space wherein the public and students can enjoy it and be enriched by these ladies. It comes uniquely hand framed with wood crafted from hurricane Ike destruction.

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