Chemical Paintings

JoLoè Chemical Art: Contemporary, Energetic, Different, Eye-catching, Talk pieces!! Unexpected, thought provoking and organic. Vibrant and bold, abstract and striking – a stimulation for the viewer’s imagination. Something innovative that would stop the passer-by, let people talk about it, wonder about what it means, explore it, feel the energy in it, and then leave refreshed with a sense that they have experienced something "WOW" – something that they have not crossed lines with before. Avant-Garde in the contemporary art palette.

Two interesting and unique facts about our chemical art:

1. Whereas most art works involve a single or maybe two different art processes, JoLoè combines the scientific departure processes with at least 5 different forms of art to arrive at the end result.

2. The final art work is extremely difficult to copy due to the combination of reaction image with light interference paints which alters the viewer’s actual observation experience depending on position, light direction and light quality. Even state of the art large-format scanner reproduction struggles with these because the very process of scanning alters the image of the art work (sounds like something from quantum mechanics - doesn't it?).

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