We love figure studies and the human form. In our figurative chemical art collection we explore the combination of the chemical art with traditional figure studies. This yields a pleasing result wherein the figure studies are more subtle in the boldness of the chemical art. We have a lot of fun with these: one may have seen a piece very often and then, one day, you recognize the naked form and you cannot believe you have seen so little of what you looked at.....Of course from then on the painting becomes a figure study instead of chemical art because you cannot make your brain NOT see it again.

JoLoè Chemical Art: Contemporary, Energetic, Different, Eye-catching, Talk pieces!! Unexpected, thought provoking and organic. Vibrant and bold, abstract and striking – a stimulation for the viewer’s imagination. Something innovative that would stop the passer-by, let people talk about it, wonder about what it means, explore it, feel the energy in it, and then leave refreshed with a sense that they have experienced something "WOW" – something that they have not crossed lines with before. Avant-Garde in the contemporary art palette.

Most of our original works are also available as limited edition giclees on canvas and archival quality prints on cotton rag paper.

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